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Familienmanagerin hat eine Einkaufstüte und ein Kind auf dem Arm.

Home, sweet Home!

Who doesn’t feel this way: there so much work to do, and appointments to fulfill. We like to get these daily duties completed because we love doing them. Then when we come home in the evening, we want to relax and enjoy our time at home.

Whether it is made up of children or seniors, a dog or a cat, having a family is nice, but it is also a 24-hour job. A feel good atmosphere is the main thing to have.

Unfortunately, we cannot perform miracles! But we can help you find the domestic help you are looking for, so you and your loved ones can feel at home.

This work is nice when it comes around again.

To achieve your personal goals, you need competent support – even in your own home, so that you can concentrate on the essentials yourself! If you know that things are going well at home, you are much more free to do your own thing.

My purpose is to establish contact between your household and the domestic help you are looking for.

Jasmin Tischler
Haushälterin hat einen Wäschestapel im Arm.

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Allrounder – Mann mäht den Rasen.


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Seniorenunterstützung: Junge Frau liest Senioren vor.

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