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Domestic staff four your home

The agency MISS HOUSEHOLD has focused on the placement of domestic staff for high-level households. In order to make your household happy, we have specialized in arranging nannies, housekeepers, family managers, all-rounders as well as senior support throughout GERMANY.

Hauspersonal: Nanny erklärt Mädchen, was auszumalen ist.


The loving caregiver for your child.
The prudent nanny will take care of your child in your home while you are busy with other activities. He or she is pedagogically qualified, and will encourage and support your child. Cooking balanced meals and doing errands for the child are also part of the job.
Familienmanagerin hat eine Einkaufstüte und ein Kind auf dem Arm.

Family Manager

All-round care
He or she is in charge of housekeeping in your household. This includes shopping, cooking, child care and the supervision of homework, and also driving services, such as taking your children to kindergarten, school or other free time activities. The planning of all these tasks is also included.
Haushälterin hat einen Wäschestapel im Arm.


The key to a happy household
Around the home, the housekeeper is first-class. He or she buys and cooks your favorite dish and is responsible for the laundry. They will also take care of your flowers and errands, as well as the cleaning of your house.
Allrounder – Mann mäht den Rasen.


Someone who does almost everything!
He or she takes care of the car, runs errands and looks after the pets. They also organize and take care of administrative activities, as well as gardening and making minor repairs around the house.
Seniorenunterstützung: Junge Frau liest Senioren vor.

Seniors support

Assistance throughout the day
Very warm-hearted caregivers take care of simple household activities and support you in dealing with the authorities. They can also organize your doctor's appointments, and go there with you. Even if you want to visit the occasional cultural event, they are happy to accompany you.

If you have other tasks for your home, these can be considered individually by individual consultation!